Ecological Survey in London

Hilsdon Holmes Can Help With Your Ecological Survey in London

The need to protect and nurture wildlife and their habitats is now central to the majority of rural building developments but ecology reporting may be seen as less of a priority when it comes to new builds in urban centres such as London. Thank goodness for the London Wildlife Trust which reminds us that a surprising 48% of London comprises rivers, water and vegetation providing habitat for a dazzling range of wildlife including hares, otters, kingfishers and the great crested newt. For this reason ecology reports are often a requirement of the planning application for a new build and they can also earn developers eco-credits by demonstrating a commitment to the maintenance of biodiversity on the proposed site.

At Hilsdon Holmes our dedicated IEEM certified ecology team will consider and report on the following:

  • The range of species and habitats that exist within the scope of the proposed site at the time of the survey.
  • Potential loss of species habitat as a result of the build.
  • Reduction in the value of the habitat to the species it supports.
  • Any breeding or migrations cycles that could be disturbed or disrupted by the proposed build.
  • Consideration of rare or endangered plant species.

Could the Ecology Report Halt Building?

There is always the fear that the discovery of a rare plant or beetle will cause a months of delays, if not a flat refusal of the planning application. In fact, the opposite is often the case; responsible ecological reporting enables early discovery of any ecological constraints which allows for the design of mitigation and enhancement measures at the planning stage. We always advise our clients that designing for sustainability is always more efficient and cost-effective that trying to work around unforeseen challenges by employing clumsy and often expensive ‘bolt-on’ measures once the build is underway.

Why Choose Hilsdon Holmes for Your Ecological Survey and Assessment

We are proud to support sustainability in the built environment by providing a one-stop shop for planners and developers requiring BREEAM and the Code for Sustainable Homes reporting of which ecology surveys play an important part. Our ecology experts work closely with site developers and planners from the early stages of a new build project in order to offer advice, insights and support as the report is compiled. Over the years we have provided ecology reporting on residential, commercial and industrial builds across England and Wales in rural and urban setting; we understand the financial and time constraints developers work under and we are sensitive to both the environmental and the developmental context.

Ecological reporting offers developers the opportunity to provide dwellings that support a whole range of species – not just humans – and we can help to make that happen.

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