Home User Guide  - For Sustainable Energy

Planning Application getting you down? Then perhaps you’re in need of a Hilsdon Holmes HUG…

We’re talking about the Home User Guide, of course. A HUG lives up to its name, though, by earning you up to 3 credits through the Code for Sustainable Homes, Management category (MAN 1).

What is the Home User Guide?

This terrifically useful document is designed to help occupants to understand the ways in which they can do their bit to contribute to sustainable energy by – amongst other things – making the best possible use of local facilities.

The Home User Guide is a requirement of MAN 1 and it’s used to facilitate and reward guidance on the development and management of sustainable energy operations in the home.

Tailored Home User Guide

Hilsdon Holmes can provide clients with a tailored Home User Guide online solution.

Our HUGs offer invaluable information on:

  • Efficient energy usage
  • Efficient water usage
  • Installed renewable systems
  • Recycling
  • Emergency Contacts and Information
  • Local services and amenities

For information on our Home User Guide  - For Sustainable Energy Call us on 01579 382202 for a Hilsdon Holmes HUG…anytime!

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