How long does a SAP Rating take?

Obviously this can vary according to the size of the project; if there are a number of buildings to be assessed completion may take longer. For most projects, though, we try to complete your SAP assessment within 10 days of receiving your information and plans. If you need a faster turnaround, we offer a Fast Track Service which guarantees assessment completion within 2 working days.

What Information do you need me to send?

We need all your plans, which should include: floor plans, site plan, elevations and sections. In addition to this we ask for a completed data-sheet.

Are electronic plans OK to send?

Absolutely! Please send your plans in CAD format such as .dwg. We would request that you don’t send us PDFs only because they don’t allow us to scale accurately. We’re happy to work from paper plans, if you would prefer that format.

Will Hilsdon Holmes keep my plans?

Yes. The NHER requires that we retain a copy of the plans you send us. We advise therefore that you make copies of these documents.

What format will my SAP Reports and EPCs be returned in?

We will email you PDFs of your SAP Report and EPC, following a consultation process with clients and building control. We can return these documents as a paper version, if you prefer, and we charge a small fee for this service.

Air Permeability Testing

When’s the best time to schedule my Air Permeability testing?

This should happen – ideally – quite late on in the process, when your build is finished. We will aim to complete the test within 10 working days of your application. If you need a more rapid response, we will do everything we can to make it happen quicker.

How will I know when to apply for my Air Permeability test?

The minimum requirement for Air Permeability testing is that the building envelope is completely sealed. This means that your external doors, cladding and glazing should be finished, your light fixtures and fittings have been installed, and SVP and waste-pipes have been sealed.

Is there anything I need to seal before testing?

You need to seal any ventilation features, such as:

  • Chimneys
  • Window trickle vents
  • Extract fans
  • Extract vents
  • Air-conditioning ducts

In addition to the above, you should ensure that all sinks, basins, toilets, baths and wet-drain areas contain water. This will provide an effective seal between the interior of your build and external sewerage systems. 

How long can I expect the Air Permeability test to take?

We allocate 1 hour on site for Air Permeability testing. This gives us the option to retest, if necessary, and to undertake any small remedial tasks.

Sound Insulation Testing

Does the build need to be empty for Sound Insulation testing?

The Sound Insulation test takes around 2 hours, and we would recommend that the site be as clear of extraneous sounds as possible during the process. The instruments we use are extremely sensitive and even the smallest sounds can distort the test results.

When is a good time to schedule Sound Insulation testing?

For testing to be effective rooms need to be tested in pairs. The two rooms should be separated either by a vertical party floor, or by a horizontal party wall. Testing also requires that the rooms be in a state of completion but empty of furnishings:

  • Walls and ceiling should be finished and skimmed
  • All skirting boards, planned covings and architraves should be fitted
  • Kitchens should be complete, including planned units
  • All electrical fittings and fixtures should be installed
  • Windows should have been fitted and be fully operational, including trickle vents
  • All Internal doors should be fitted and operational
  • External doors should be fitted and fully operational.

Should carpets and laminates be fitted prior to testing?

No. Impact testing is only effective if it takes place on a bare floor, free from laminates or carpet.

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