Sound Insulation Testing

Hilsdon Holmes has a team of experienced Sound Engineers who are qualified to undertake Sound Insulation Testing at any residential, commercial or public building.

Sound Insulation Testing has been required since 2000, when it first appeared in the Building Regulations Part E, under the title: ‘Resistance to the Passage of Sound’. The test focuses upon partitioning structures separating residential structures; it checks the resistance to sound provided by these structures.


Sound Insulation Testing – How Does It Work?

Sound Insulation, Part E, requires testing for new build projects and refurbishments.

The procedure interrogates both airborne and impact sound. There is no set number of tests required; it will depend upon the unique layout of your build and the number of separating walls and floors.


When Should I Schedule Sound Insulation Testing?

We would recommend that you schedule tests early; then, if you encounter any problems you can take remedial action. The testing needs to take place in the absence of carpets or floor coverings.


How many Sound Insulation Tests do I Need?

A complete assessments comprises 2 floor tests (2xairborne, 2ximpact), and 2 wall tests (airborne only).

The minimum test requirement, in order to comply with Approved Document E (2003) of the Building Regulations, is for one set of tests per 10 dwellings. Whilst this is normal practice, Building Control may have specific requirements which you will need to comply with.

Please Note:  You should seek advice on Pre-Completion Sound Testing as this has different performance standards depending on the type of development. 

We always advise clients to discuss their Sound Insulation Testing schedule with Building Control before going ahead.


Hilsdon Holmes Can help with your Sound Insulation requirements

The Sound Insulation Test requires an experienced advisor to help you through the various requirements and regulations as they can shift dependent on the nature of the build and Building Control specifications. We always draw on our experience in this area, and can offer you invaluable advice which will probably save you time and money in the long run.

Need to discuss your Sound Insulation Test requirements? - Just give us a call on 01579 382202, or email us at

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