Sound Insulation Testing – The Info

If you require expert Acoustic Consultancy, or Sound Insulation testing services, Hilsdon Holmes can provide you with the expertise you need. We are regularly asked to provide sound testing services on our projects spanning the commercial, residential and commercial sectors.

Sound Insulation Testing – New Buildings

Part E of the Building Regulations now require that all new builds undergo sound testing of internal walls and floors. Where pre-tested, certified ‘Robust Details’ have been part of the building spec, testing is not required.

The aim of sound testing is to measure airborne and impact sound travel in buildings. If you are involved in a new development, you will be required to test sample walls and floors across the build. If you are working on an existing building the test will involve party walls and floors.

Will I Need Sound Insulation Testing?

The following criteria apply:

  • If you are developing a new build with 2 or more units.
  • If you are involved in the conversion of a single dwelling into multiple units.
  • If your development has multiple residential rooms – a hotel, or hostel for example.
  • If your designs do not adhere to Robust Construction Details

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Hilsdon Holmes Provides Comprehensive Acoustic & Sound Testing Consultancy

Over the years we have developed close partnerships with a number of highly qualified UKAS accredited consultants, assessors and sound engineers. We have undertaken huge numbers of tests across the length and breadth of the UK and we would be delighted to share our expertise with you.

We take care of all your sustainability needs – under one roof:

  • Acoustic Design
  • Acoustic Enclosure Design and Build
  • BB93 Acoustic Design in Schools
  • Environmental Noise Consultancy
  • Planning Policy Guidance
  • Noise Mapping & Prediction
  • Noise at Work
  • Sound Insulation Testing

Would you like to discuss sound insulation with us? Just give us a call on 01579 382202, or email us at

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