Noise Surveys For Developments

This monitoring might be required as a condition for a planning application approved by the Local Planning Authority. British Standard BS 8233:2014 covers such ‘noise sensitive’ developments. This document suggests internal noise levels for sleeping, resting and dining, so the design of the facade of the building can be adjusted if necessary to achieve adequate shielding from external noise. There may be specific targets in the planning conditions that need to be verified.


Noise Surveying – How Does It Work?

A microphone and sound level meter are set up on site, recording for a 24-hour period for each position required. This covers daytime (07:00-23:00) and night-time (23:00-07:00) noise. The procedure is designed to flag up noise from roads, railway lines, aircraft or industrial areas, which may have a detrimental effect on the sleep and well-being of future residents if not mitigated.

The average noise level is found across these 16- and 8-hour periods, which is how the external noise environment is defined. The end result is a report that verifies the outcome of the noise monitoring, ready to forward to the Local Planning Authority or Environmental Health Officer.


When Should I Schedule Noise Surveys?

We recommend discussing the Noise Survey with us as soon as you know the planning application has a noise sensitivity condition, and have copies of this application as well as the planning drawings. This is so we can appoint the appropriate amount and length of surveying.


How Long Should I Allow For Noise Surveys?

For each microphone location, we require a full 24-hour period with the absence of construction-related noise,  where the equipment can be left securely on the site. This means that a representative sample of both daytime and night-time noise is recorded.


Hilsdon Holmes can help with your Noise Surveying requirements.

Noise Surveys at the planning stage of development require an experienced advisor to help you though the various regulations, as they can be dependent on the nature of the build, the location, and the planning conditions. We always draw on our experience in this area, and can offer you invaluable advice which will probably save you time and money in the long run.

Need to discuss your Noise Surveying requirements?

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