Water Reporting

At Hilsdon Holmes we have a team of experts who can provide your bespoke energy and sustainability reports which form an integral part of your planning application.

Surface Water Reporting

Sur 1 relates to the management of surface water run-off. It is a mandatory requirement as part of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Sur 1 may also be a condition within your planning approval.

What is Sur 1?

Sur 1 requires an assurance that your build design will not increase the peak rate of run-off into existing watercourses.

The use of a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) attracts 2 available additional credits.

Will I Require Surface Water Reporting?

Yes, as you will need to produce Sur 1 if you are seeking to achieve any Code level. Your Surface Water Report must be undertaken by a qualified Engineer or Consultant and it must contain all the specialised information needed to meet mandatory requirements.

Hilsdon Holmes has a team of experts in this field who are ready to provide bespoke surveys and reports meeting all the Code for Sustainable Homes requirements which include:

  • Effective management of construction stage run-off.
  • Calculations demonstrating pre and post-development peak run-off rates as they relate to critical rainfall events.
  • Analysis of drainage patterns both historical and current.
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage System proposals for incorporation.
  • Ecologically-friendly proposals which offer drainage system integration into the local habitat providing social enhancement.
  • Attenuation designs taking into account patterns of increased frequency and scale for storm events.
  • Demonstrations of overland flow routes and proposed planning for safeguarding the development from floods.
  • Soil classification and porosity testing.

Water Efficiency Calculations

If you require water efficiency calculations, either for the Code for Sustainable Homes, or for building regulations, Hilsdon Holmes can provide you with fast, efficient bespoke reports to help you through the process.

Why Would I Need Water Efficiency Calculations?

Building regulations require a limit of 125 litres per-person-per-day. The Code for Sustainable Homes goes even further and requires a reduction of drinking, or internal potable, water through the Wat 1 category.

Water Efficiency Calculations are arrived at for each level of the Code for Sustainable Homes, each of which is based upon mandatory limits for internal water consumption. These calculations take into account occupancy, fittings and flow rates. Each Code level sets a mandatory limit on internal water consumption – this is demonstrated by producing calculations, based on occupancy, fittings and flow rates within the water efficiency calculator.

The current limits are set as follows:

  • Less than or equal to 120L p/day – Levels 1 & 2
  • Less than or equal to 105L p/day – Levels 3 & 4
  • Less than or equal to 80L p/day – Levels 5 & 6

Credits are made available upon the successful achievement of the above targets.

Ways of Achieving Water Efficiency

There are a number of ways in which indoor water use can be effectively reduced without it costing you a fortune. One of the most efficient and effective methods is to fit flow restrictors on new or existing fittings – these might include low flush toilets or showers. Another option is to fit smaller baths in order to restrict water usage.

Rainwater and grey water recycling is another way in which water efficiency can be demonstrated.

We work with clients to produce efficient, practical and cost effective solutions to water efficiency when planning their build.

We Use the Water Efficiency Calculator for New Dwellings

This is the UK government’s approved calculation methodology for assessing water efficiency.

The Water Efficiency Calculator for New Dwellings provides clear data which is useful for your planning process and acceptable to Building Control. It includes:

  • Notice of Water Efficiency (as required by 37(1)
  • Summary page together with all corresponding completed tables
  • Separate “Design” (including Builders check list) and “As Built” Reports
  • Code For Sustainable Homes rating against Wat 1

Flood Risk Assessment

Where Sur 2 credits are being sought within the Code for Sustainable Homes, a Flood Risk Assessment will need to be included upon submission of the planning application.

A Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) will determine the risk from flooding of the development site, by determining the Flood Zone within which the site is located.

Will I Need to Undertake a Flood Risk Assessment?

If you want to achieve Surface Water Credits (Sur 2) within the Code for Sustainable Homes, then yes you will need an FRA. You may also find that it is a requirement of your planning conditions.

We would always advise that you start the process early. Seeking the advice of one of our Hilsdon Holmes experts can enhance the efficiency of your project, and save you money. We can provide detailed information including:

  • How great a risk flooding is to your property
  • The Sequential and Exception Tests (see below)
  • Clear advice if the flood risk is too great for the proposed build
  • Ways in which the Environment Agency can support you in the preparation of your Flood Risk Assessment

What is the Sequential Test?

This relates to the Local Planning Authority which is required to act responsibly and direct new developments to areas that are at the least risk of flooding, wherever this is possible.

What is the Exception Test?

This applies to sites where the risk and impact of flooding is greatest.

If you would like to read more about both the Sequential, and Exception Tests, we would recommend you read PPS25 and the Accompanying Practice Guide.

We can help you to achieve credits, whilst retaining planning and design flexibility. Whatever the project you are considering, speak to a member of the Hilsdon Holmes team about your unique Flood Risk Assessment. 

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