Providing Sustainability Consultancy in London

Sustainability Consultancy London

Sustainability Consultancy London

The developing skyline of London is proof that UK design is innovative, ambitious and creative. We’re also energy aware

Over the past two decades we have embraced the need for responsible building design that takes account of the need for energy efficiency, and aims to reduce carbon emissions. Our adoption of sustainability across the built environment has been largely driven by government regulations and standards which provide a sustainable design framework for planners and developers.

Hilsdon Holmes – Passionate About Sustainability

Hilsdon Holmes is a sustainability consultancy in London that can help you to plan your strategy for sustainability efficiently, creatively and cost-effectively. We provide all the expertise you will need to achieve your sustainability goals under one roof. That means that we will manage your applications, testing and reports for:

A Team of Experts on the Journey with You

Many of the Hilsdon Holmes’ team have been involved in the development of the current sustainability regulations and standards framework; this means that they understand the terrain, have a thorough workSustainability Consultancy in Londoning knowledge of the procedures, and will be able to offer you sound advice on your application at every stage.

Whilst we understand that fulfilling the requirements of the building regulations is important, we also offer advice to clients – based on our extensive experience – of cost-effective innovations and technologies that can enhance the energy efficiency, and drive down carbon emissions in the planning of your build. The earlier we get involved, the more effective we can be as your sustainability consultants in London. For us the journey ends only when our clients have achieved their sustainability goals, and their applications have been approved.


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