Sustainability Consultancy Cornwall

Sustainability Consultancy Cornwall

Sustainability Consultancy Cornwall

Sustainability makes sense; we all understand the need to improve the energy efficiency of our homes, and reduce carbon emissions across the built environment – but where do we start?

The UK’s sustainability standards require the development of an effective sustainability strategy, the full use of technological innovation, and adherence to complex building regulations – all of which can be daunting.

Hilsdon Holmes is a sustainability consultancy in Cornwall that aims to keep things simple for our clients – however complex the terrain might appear

That’s why our consultancy team has been developed to provide all the services you need to achieve your sustainability goals, under one roof:

Sustainability Consultancy Cornwall - SAP Calculations – these are a regulatory mechanism that helps you to integrate energy efficient strategies and technologies into the early stage of your build. Hilsdon Holmes can provide expert advice on designing for sustainability in Cornwall, and we will manage the process of SAP applications in Cornwall from design PEA through to On Construction EPC.

Sustainability Consultancy Cornwall - SBEM Calculations – these are a requirement for commercial builds. We know that energy efficient buildings deliver savings to developers, and our sustainability consultancy in Cornwall offers advice on innovative technologies, strategies to drive down costly carbon emissions, and guidance at every stage of the application process.

Sustainability Consultancy Cornwall - Code for Sustainable Homes – at Hilsdon Holmes we are passionate about building sustainability across Cornwall; this holistic assessment of your build’s energy and environmental resource requirements is an excellent methodology for achieving this. Our assessors have been involved in the development of this initiative and are, therefore, an invaluable resource to have working alongside you.

Sustainability Consultancy Cornwall - BREEAM Assessments – require evidence of in-built sustainability and efficient use of natural resources in non-residential buildings. As sustainability consultants in Cornwall we have worked on a range of commercial and public building projects; in each case our clients have welcomed our guidance and valued the efficiency and integrity which ‘planning for sustainability’ brings to the build.

Sustainability Consultancy Cornwall - Local Sustainability Policy – each local council provides its own Sustainability Policy, with emphasis placed on specific elements of particular importance to the locale. We will always work closely with local councils in Cornwall, on our clients’ behalf, and provide Sustainability Reports that are tailored to their requirements.

As well as offering guidance, and submitting reports, our team can also carry out the tests which are required as demonstrable proof of effective sustainability strategies to be included in all applications:

One thing we’ve learnt from our years as sustainability consultants in Cornwall is that ‘being passionate about sustainability’ means creating a simple, workable and creative management framework for clients to utilise on their journey towards energy efficient builds. We supply expertise, local knowledge, and regulatory administration in order that clients can concentrate on delivering a sustainable future.


Why not have a chat with one of our Sustainability Consultants today.  Just give us a call on 01579 382202 or alternatively send us your enquiry and we’ll get straight back to you.

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