Providing a Sustainability Consultancy in Wales

Sustainability Consultancy in Wales

Building for Future Generations with Hilsdon Holmes, Providing a Sustainability Consultancy in Wales

Wales is a country of dramatic contrasts, with the timeless beauty of the rugged mountain ranges to the north, and the rapidly developing cosmopolitan culture of Cardiff to the south. Our work as Sustainability Consultants takes us across the length and breadth of this ever-surprising landscape and we are delighted to have had the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects including new housing developments, public sector projects, commercial builds, BREEAM domestic refurbishment and on heritage sites. As a fast-growing Sustainability Consultancy we carry an increasingly heavy workload across the UK, but we always treat our Welsh contracts as a chance to catch our breath, restore our natural rhythms and enjoy the warmth and hospitality Wales offers to all its visitors.

A Sustainability Consultancy in Wales with a Vision for the Future

At Hilsdon Holmes we have built our reputation on our passionate belief in creating a built environment which will reduce energy usage (and costs), achieve zero carbon emissions, integrate innovative sustainability technologies at the design and planning stages, and create buildings that help future generations to manage climate change successfully. Our team of expert advisors provide a range of services to architects, planners and developers, with the aim of actively managing energy consumption at all stages of their building project.

What is the Value of Working with a Sustainability Consultant in Wales?

Whilst taking on a sustainability consultant may seem like an unnecessary cost for a build’s bottom line, we have demonstrated to clients again and again that the initial outlay is rewarded by a more than satisfactory ROI because of the specialist knowledge, network and experience we can bring to a project. We offer:

  • Current Advice on Sustainability – our team of advisors and assessors are highly qualified experts with a constantly updated knowledge of current technology, regulations and innovation. Every single consultant brings to your project a blend of knowledge and experience in creating effective strategies for project-managed sustainability, allied to the budgetary needs and requirements of the build.
  • Technical Expertise – managing the range of sustainable standards required by Building Regulations, means drawing on expertise in the fields of ecology, sound, ventilation, air permeability and air conditioning. We pride ourselves on being able to provide clients with access to the full range of experts they will need in the process of creating a successful sustainability strategy. Our expert advisors are also accredited assessors; this means that the advice they give will be wholly pertinent to the required testing processes.
  • A Team Player – as consultants we provide a member of your team, dedicated to in-built sustainability, from the beginning of your project journey, right through to the end. Experience has taught us that successful sustainable strategies are the result of a creative collaboration between every member of the project team; we provide the team player who can lead that collaboration to its successful fulfilment.
  • Inspiration - new ideas and technologies need to inspire in order to innovate. We develop a creative dialogue with our clients, which is as much about listening as it is about advising. We use our expertise in service to a vision we can all share; a sustainable future for the built environment in Wales.

Services our Sustainability Consultancy in Wales Offers

  • All the expertise you will need in one place.
  • SAP Calculations – comprehensive management of your SAP application and testing from design PEA through to On Construction EPC.
  • SBEM Calculations – management of SBEM for commercial builds from application, to testing, to final report.
  • Sur 1 & 2 (Code for Sustainable Homes) – Hilsdon Holmes will manage the development of this document detailing your build’s energy and environmental resource requirements.
  • BREEAM Assessments – management of evidence-based documentation of in-built sustainability and efficient use of natural resources in non-residential buildings.
  • Cost-effective strategies for sustainable development.
  • A sustainability strategy which will differentiate your build.
  • A team member who provides practical advice in support of your vision.
  • Excellent and measurable ROI.


If you have any questions, please call our head office on 01579 382202 or send your enquiry to one of our Wales Sustainability Consultants today and we’ll get straight back to you.

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